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DirtySouth Riders Inc. Scholarship Fund

The DIRTY SOUTH RIDERS INC.. Scholarship Fund was organized as an outgrowth of concern for the future of our tri-county students by members of DIRTY SOUTH RIDERS INC.

DIRTYSOUTH RIDERS Scholarship Fund focuses on financial assistance and support of students pursuing secondary and higher education in Miami, Fl.

Our mission is to develop and assist students to attain economic and academic growth.

We shall provide scholarships during current and future academic years to financial deserving students by actively campaigning and soliciting funds.

The DIRTY SOUTH RIDERS INC. Scholarship Fund solicits and receives financial contributions from generous donors and sponsors through pro-active community fund raisers by its member throughout the year.

All students from high school to graduate school  eligible to apply. Applications are reviewed by members of the Scholarship Board, and awards are made in the following categories based on availability of funds:

Financially need
Academic performance
Demonstrated talents and abilities
Community services

Applications are available. Scholarship amounts are determined each year by the Fund's Scholarship Board of Directors. All members on this board are volunteers.

The DIRTY SOUTH RIDERS INC. Scholarship Fund uses volunteer services to cover administrative and other organizational services as much as possible.

For additional information on how to become a sponsor of the DIRTY SOUTH RIDERS INC. Scholarship Fund, send all inquiries to the DIRTYSOUTH RIDERS INC. Scholarship Fund at